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Joyful Hearts Farm has top milking & show genetics ~ foundation lines Jobi Dairy in Texas, New England genetics from Rosasharn, and Algedi genetics. Our entire adult herd is Neg. for CAE & CL annually since 2005!! Last Neg. Testing February 2014

Congratulations to Joyful Hearts DS Tiger Tracks 1*M; 3*D, VEEE '90'

who was awarded a permanent Linear Appraisal Score of 90 ~ Excellent!!!
and earning her ADGA 1*M designation on her One Day Milk Test~milking a whopping 5#'s of milk!!

Tia, 5 years of age (milked out)

Congratulations to the following does for their 2013 performance in the ADGA & AGS show rings:

Joyful Hearts P Summer Dayze

Junior Grand Champion ~ LVDGA, June 2013, Judge Dustin Noble
3 x 1st place Junior Kid (Judges: Whiteside, Bartholomew, Noble)

Alethia DJ Rejoice

Reserve Grand Champion Jr. , LVDGA, June 2013, Judge Sam Whiteside

Congratulations to the following does for earning their AGS Dairy Stars in 2013:

Joyful Hearts CAV Maile 2*D; VEVV '86' (4 year old)

Joyful Hearts DS Tiger Tracks 3*D; VEEV '89' (3 year old)

Congratulations to our two does who earned their 2012 AGS Top Ten Milk Production Awards on One Day Milk Test!!

Joyful Hearts IB Angelica 5*D 'VG'
Angelica milked 3.5#'s of milk at only 19 days fresh as a yearling milker; Tied for 10th place for High Protein, and a two way tie for being the youngest doe on milk test at 13 months of age!

Congratulations to Angelica's dam:
Odeon SHO Tuscan Sun 4*D 'VG'
#9 for High Butterfat (6.9%), Tied for #10 High Protein, and was #10 for Highest Milk Test Final Score!

We are proud to announce our first homebred doe who is now a finished Dual Champion!


MCH/CH Joyful Hearts Esther *D; (5-3) VEEE '89'!!!

3rd Freshening (May 2011)
Photo Courtesy of Taylor Thomas

Congratulations to our hard working girls
who earned their 2010 AGS Top Ten Milk Production Awards
for High Milk on One Day Milk Test!!

Joyful Hearts GD Sugar Maple 9*D VG ~ Tied #4 for High Milk
MCH/CH Jobi Lacie *D 'E' ~ Tied for # 6 High Milk

Congratulation to our 3 does
who made the 2009 AGS Top Ten
on One Day Milk Test!!

Joyful Hearts GD Fayth *D ~ # 5 for High Milk
MCH/CH Jobi Lacie *D ~ #6 for High Milk
Sandy Hollow CS Cherry Blossom 8*D ~ tied #10 for High Protein

Congratulations to MCH/CH Jobi Lacie *D 'E' 92; LA EVEE 90
who now has a permanent Linear Appraisal Score of Excellent!!!

Congratulations to our First Dual Master Champion!!

MCH/CH Jobi Lacie *D 'E' 92
LA ~ EVEE '90'!!

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We are in support of the ADGA Nigerian Dwarf Buck Height Proposal

Joyful Hearts Farm is nestled amongst vineyards, citrus groves and rolling hills in Temecula's Wine Country in Southern California. We are located about an hour away from both San Diego and Orange County, and about 2 hours south from Los Angeles. I raise Registered Nigerian Dwarf Dairy goats for the small homestead, show prospects, breeding stock, 4H/FFA, and pets. Our entire adult herd has tested Negative annually for CAE & CL since 2005! ~ All Negative as always!!

We ship our little goats all over the country!

Our foundation herd has been very carefully selected from the best bloodlines in the country, including Jobi Dairy in Texas, and top New England genetics from Rosasharn, as well as locally from the now retired Algedi Farm, whose foundation animals are also based upon Rosasharn lines. We are striving to breed the all around dairy goat by placing equal emphasis on conformation and milk production. We are committed to participating in regular ADGA Linear Appraisal of our herd, as well as milk testing. We also participate in limited showing to let our girls show off once in awhile! =)


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