Know well the condition of your flocks,
{And} pay attention to your herds........
Proverbs 27


This is the aspect of goat keeping that we do not look forward to. In order to make room for some promising new kids from our current breedings, we have to make hard decisions every summer on who to keep, and which will move on to another herd. If you are looking for an immediate milk supply for your homestead or dairy, please let us know if one of our ladies may meet your needs. You will also find wonderful pet goats, as well as kids who show potential for as 4H and show prospects. Many of our does are top ten milkers as all of our goats come from the top milk and show lines in the country


When I get inquiries about purchasing goats I always ask this question first ~Why do you want to own goats? Which is always a good question to ask yourself as well. *smile* Of course there is no "wrong" answer ~ but your reason (s) will help ensure that the Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats you purchase from Joyful Hearts Farm will meet your specific needs and goals ~ whether it be showing, home dairying, acquiring new breeding stock, brush clearers, or as family pets.

At Joyful Hearts Farm we are very proud of our beautiful goats. Our breeding goals aim for correct little dairy goats that will be a pleasure to own, no matter what your goals may be.


We initially made a huge investment in acquiring the highest quality foundation animals. This is reflected by Milk Stars (for example: *D's and *S's and *B's that you see after the goats name); by high Linear Appraisal scores, Classification scores, show wins (MCH/ARMCH), etc. We purposely keep our herd very small so that each goat gets quality care and individual attention.


We have tested our herd annually since 2005 for CAE & CL via WADDL to ensure our buyers that our herd is disease free. We have a Licensed Vet draw the blood, so you can trust our test results to be accurate and true. We also back up our claims by providing whole herd test results to our buyers upon request. Our last testing was done April 2012 for CAE, CL, and Brucellosis ~ Negative for the 7th year in a row!!

We are available after your purchase to provide ongoing support.

In early summer we prepare each buck and doe for the upcoming breeding season. We do this by giving herbal, vitamin, and mineral supplementation. Prenatal care continues throughout pregnancy, and after kidding. We also carefully evaluate who each doe will be paired with in order to hopefully produce the most outstanding kids. Our does are then bred from late Summer through late Fall, with kids arriving early January through March. Once in awhile we will breed a couple of does for Fall kiddings. Check the kidding schedule for updates.

We dam raise our kids, but also combine bottle feeding whenever possible. This is producing hardy, healthy kids for us that are also people friendly. Read what others are saying about their Joyful Hearts dam raised kids! Buyer Testimonials . Our kids are put on an Herbal deworming and cocci protocol beginning at 2 weeks of age, as well as probiotics, and mineral supplementation prior to kids leaving our farm. We disbud and tattoo for you as well.

If you are thinking of starting out with these wonderful dwarf goats, or are looking to add some new genetics to your existing herd, please consider a Joyful Hearts goat or two! =)


Photo's by Fern

Annie's dam, Joyful Hearts CB Beatrix, FF'er, 3 weeks fresh, 10 1/2 hours milk
Photo's by Fern

Joyful Hearts WC Anastasia

Black with heavy white overlay and some tan on her face
DOB: 3.30.14 (Quad)
ADGA Registered


SIRE: Trilogy Ranch JD White Cloud
(Alethia CTO Just Dew It *B x Alethia Como Confetti (3xGrChSr) )

DAM: Joyful Hearts CB Beatrix
(Dragonfly HLJ Celebration *S x Joyful Hearts DS Tiger Tracks 3*D; 2013 LA: VEEV '89'

I really like this doe. Annie has excellent general appearance, excellent rear leg angulation, is long bodied, elegant, with wide rib spacing and a level topline, tight toes and straight legs. She should make an excellent home milker or 4H dairy goat. Very heavy production in these lines, going all the way back to MCH/CH Jobi Lacie *D, 92. Beatrix should easily earn her milk star, giving Anastasia the opportunity to become a 5*D milker. Annie is available as a bottle baby. She is very sweet and very flashy!!

Anastasia's ADGA Pedigree


Pennie, 8 days old

Pennie's dam, Joyful Hearts CB Beatrix, FF'er, 3 weeks fresh, 10 1/2 hours milk
Photo's by Fern

Joyful Hearts WC Penelope

Chocolate Buckskin with splashes of white
DOB: 3.30.14 (Quad)
ADGA Registered


SIRE: Trilogy Ranch JD White Cloud
(Alethia CTO Just Dew It *B x Alethia Como Confetti (3xGrChSr) )

DAM: Joyful Hearts CB Beatrix
(Dragonfly HLJ Celebration *S x Joyful Hearts DS Tiger Tracks 3*D; 2013 LA: VEEV '89'

Littermate sister to Anastasia above, Penelope is a lovely chocolate buckskin, with splashes of white. She is very elegant having excellent rear leg angulation, straight legs and tight toes. A bit more refined than her sister, Pennie has excellent general appearance. She is always the first one to run and greet us, with her little brother "Peanut" trailing right behind. =) She should also make a very productive milker, and a nice 4H doeling. Penelope is available as a bottle baby. I am on the fence about keeping her........ It is possible to deliver to the May Chino show, if we attend.

Penelope's ADGA Pedigree



Not the greatest photo's. Kapono 6 weeks old
Photo's by Fern

Kapono's dam, Joyful Hearts DS Tiger Tracks 3*D; 2013 LA: VEEV '89' 3rd freshener, 18 days fresh, 11 hour fill
Photo's by Fern

Joyful Hearts P Kapono

Solid Gold
DOB: 3.3.14 (Twin)
ADGA Registered


SIRE: Algedi Farm DJ Piper 2013 LA: VVV '85'
( +*B GCH Algedi Farm Drops of Jupiter *S LA EEE 91 x CH Algedi Farm D Capella LA: VEEE '90' E )

DAM: Joyful Hearts DS Tiger Tracks 3*D; 2013 LA: VEEV '89'
( *B Rosasharn SP Dakota Skipper *S LA VVE 88 x Joyful Hearts CAV Maile 2*D; 2013 LA: VEVV '86' )

Kapono's ADGA Pedigree

I had a really hard time deciding which of these awesome boys to retain as they are both very nice. Kapono has excellent general appearance, lots of width throughout this boy, and is very long bodied. He has his daddy Algedi DJ Piper's straight front legs, and tight toes, and level topline. Extremely sweet and now a bottle baby, Kapono is out of my best doe, Joyful Hearts DS Tiger Tracks 3*D; LA: VEEV '89' who is MCH/CH Jobi Lacie *D, '92' granddaughter. Tia is milking a 1/2 gallon of milk a day as a 4 year old, 3rd freshener. She has nice open orifices and is a dream to milk with her soft udder texture. I don't sell bucks very often, but this boy is a keeper and deserves to be a herdsire, so he will not be wethered. He will be ready for Fall breeding as he is extremely precocious. Available immediately, as he is still being bottle fed for another couple of weeks. I have retained his littermate brother and he will be used this Fall.

I am going to solicit help this weekend and hopefully have a better photo of him.



Trilogy Ranch White Cloud


We do sometimes offer a mature buck when he no longer fits into our breeding program, or if we need to downsize our herd. If you are interested in any of our current bucks, we suggest reserving a 2014 buck kid!
We only offer bucks from outstanding mammaries. Bucks kids offered for sale that do not end up selling may be retained for our own breeding program and offered for sale at a later date for a higher price once they are proven herd sires.



You must already have another companion baby, or wait until we have another wether for sale. See below for pricing. Pictures coming soon!

Wethers make the BEST pets ~ as well as making wonderful companions for a doe or buck. They also make excellent weeders!!
Note: We do not sell single goats unless you already have another goat as a companion! )

You can name him =)

Chocolate Buckskin, SUPER sweet and CUTE!!!

DOB: 3.30.14


Under 2 weeks of age: $75
2-4 weeks of age: $100
4-6 weeks: $125
6-8 weeks: $150

All of our wethers are sold as Bottle Babies, unless weaned at time of sale. Each baby wether will be disbudded (unless polled), given their first BoSe shot at 1 month old; hooves trimmed at 1 month of age. Health Information, Baby Bottle/Pritchard Nipple (if purchasing a bottle baby) & a Care Sheet will also accompany your new babies!

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